Sunday, April 8, 2007

MYOMF Blog moved to DTAMP Blog

Important News

The "My One Million Friends" Blog has been combined with the "Double To A Million" Blog.

So you get two, two, two blogs in one!

To find out what is happening with My One Million Friends click on

Double To A Million Plan.

Your Friend,


IntelliGenius said...

Dude, it is just my suggestion: i think you need to promote your site momf more. maybe like posting comments in other people's blog or exchanging links with the secondary site, etc. keep it up.

Xinfinitum said...

Hi IntelliGenius,

I agree, I definitely need to promote the "My One Million Friends" website more and I hope to soon. I need to get another project out of the way first, a website I am building for a local store called Creative Connections.

Thanks for the advice.